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Evergreen Union

School District

EUSD Board of Education

A Message From the Board

The mission of Evergreen Union School District is to provide the foundation and encouragement for all students to achieve their social, physical, and academic potential in a safe, nurturing, and positive environment. The District will prepare all students to reach proficiency with state standards as measured by the state-wide Smarter Balanced Assessment and other local assessments. Students not reaching proficiency will be supported through programs and resources such as After School Intervention, Learning Center, Student Success Team meetings, and Special Education. It is our belief that “All Children Can Learn.”

Through motivated educators, using both conventional and creative learning techniques, and parent and community involvement, we can instill in our children the importance of education and guide them as they transition into successful, productive, and confident adults by providing:
  • A positive learning environment where every child possesses a high self esteem, self-worth, and self motivation.
  • A caring, learning atmosphere where teachers, staff, parents, and neighbors unite to provide each child with the necessary “tools” needed to achieve both personal and academic goals.
  • A safe surrounding where our children express diversity, compassion, individuality, and a true desire to learn that together “We Can Make a Difference.”


Michael Mitchell, Board President 
Christine Flood, Board Clerk
Brad Constant, Board Member
Lester Grade, Board Member
Jim Tomasini, Board Member
Brad Mendenhall – District Superintendent/Board Secretary
When We Meet

When We Meet

  • There are two Board Meetings per month, on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays.  The 4th Tuesday is an optional meeting and scheduled as needed.
  • All meetings begin at 5:00pm and are held at Evergreen Middle School, Room #72, Cottonwood, CA.  However, because of COVID-19, the District, since March, has had to limit Board Meetings to only virtual for Public access via Google Meet.  Likewise, during school closures, Board Meetings are held virtually and are open to the public via Google Meet.