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About Us


We are a rural preschool located on the Evergreen Elementary School campus. We are a co-mingled state preschool where we offer both state and private paid options. We pride ourselves in meeting the needs of every child. We focus on the “whole” child: engaging students in activities that build cognitive, social, emotional, and physical skills. We encourage active participation during our preschool daily journey of literacy, hands-on learning in language and math, exploration and play time, both inside and outside, building fine and large motor skill. In addition, we emphasize positive character traits that will empower our preschoolers to be good citizens and little leaders.


Morning Class:
8:00am – 11:45am
Extended Day Preschool is available Monday through Friday and includes morning preschool then aftercare until 4:00pm.  Spots are limited and filled based on need.  For more information please call 530-347-3411 option 2. 




  • Evergreen Preschool serves children 4 years old first and then 3 years old.  Your child must be 3 by December 1st.
  • We offer state paid and private pay options (see income guidelines below).

Interested in enrolling your child into our preschool program?

Step 1.Please complete the Application for Enrollment  below, as part of the pre-enrollment process. 
Step 2.Please complete the AERIES new student registration and upload all applicable documents.

REGISTRATION BY APPOINTMENT ONLY - you will be contacted by the registrar once you have completed both steps above.

To schedule an appointment please call (530) 347-3411 ext. 7523 or email