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Supporting Our Schools

We are thankful for the generous support of our community - whether they provide a donation to our school or a gift of their time in support of our students. Their generosity provides our students with enhanced opportunities, allows our schools to weather difficult economic conditions, and helps to create a stronger educational community. 

Organizations that Support EUSD

Organizations that Support EUSD

EUSD Parent/Teacher Organizations

“Together We Can Accomplish More”

The Evergreen Union School District Parent/Guardian Teacher Organization (PTO) is a community of parents/guardians, teachers and administrators who have joined together to promote our School District and to help grow community relationships between families and our schools. There is a PTO at Evergreen Elementary/Evergreen Middle Schools and at Bend Elementary School. 
The purpose of the organization is:
  • To help improve the quality of education and our school environment; 
  • To support teachers as they provide a well-rounded education for students;
  • To develop a diverse and broad participation from parents/guardians; and
  • To foster a sense of school pride.

Evergreen PTO

Please consider becoming a member of this PTO if your child attends Evergreen Elementary or Evergreen Middle School. We want you!!!
What does this mean for your family? It means that we, as an organization, are continually looking for ways to enhance your family's experience with the Evergreen Schools. 
You do not need to attend all meetings, and you can provide support in different ways. Some of our projects are modest like Teacher Appreciation Day where we recognize the staff for their efforts. Other projects are larger, like fundraising efforts for purchasing large items (eg. a fitness park) that will benefit many students. For other families, you might donate some of your time to help out at events. You can choose if you are able to donate your skills, money, and/or time; all will be appreciated.
We ask for you to join us and bring your ideas, talents, and passion to our organization. Our meetings are held once a month during the school year, and we provide support for six to eight family enrichment events per year.

Bend PTO

Please consider becoming a member of this PTO if your child attends Bend Elementary School. 
The Bend Elementary School Parent/Guardian Teacher Organization (PTO) is focused on three initiatives.
  1. Our primary goal is to build a sense of community between the Bend families and the students/staff.
  2. In addition, we seek to raise funds for student activities and events that are beyond the scope of the Bend Elementary School budget. We provide financial support for students for field trips and career gift bags for the 8th grade graduates.
  3. We also organize monthly career speakers from the community for our 5th-8th grade students.
Our PTO holds monthly meetings that are inclusive and welcoming! 

Evergreen Education Foundation

The Evergreen Union School District Education Foundation (EUSD Foundation) is a nonprofit public benefit corporation founded with the purpose of raising funds to help support the schools of the Evergreen Union Elementary School District; i.e., Evergreen Elementary School, Evergreen Middle School, Bend Elementary School, Evergreen Institute of Excellence and Evergreen Preschool. The funds raised by the EUSD Foundation are put directly back into our schools to meet the needs of our students.