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Library Policies

Library Policies

Loan Periods

Students at Evergreen Union School District can have access to check out books from the library. These library books can be enjoyed at school or at home.
The lending periods for books are set for the grade levels as follows:
Grades TK-1: 1 item for 1 week
Grades 2-8: 2 items for 2 weeks
All students visit the library weekly for an oppurtunity to browse books, and students in Grades 2 and above can log on to the Library's Catalog to place books on hold.
If a student would like more time with a book, they can bring the book into the library and request a renewel. 

Library Book Care

Best practices for caring for library books include:

-Store your library books in a large zip-top bag in your backpack.
-Have one safe place for your library books at home, ideally away from younger children and pets.
-Use a bookmark to mark your spot, never dog-ear pages.
-Wash and dry your hands before reading.
-Do not eat, drink or use craft supplies near your books.

Overdue Items

There are no fines for overdue items. However, an overdue item on a borrower's account will prevent the individual from checking out any further items. If an item is overdue for six weeks or longer, it will be presumed lost and the borrower will be issued a fine for the cost to replace the book; this fine will be waived if the missing item is returned in good repair. 


At Evergreen Union School District, students will only be fined for lost or damaged materials.
Materials are assumed to be lost if they have not been returned after six weeks, however, if a lost item is returned after a fine is assigned, that fine will be waived.
If materials are returned with irreparable damage, students will be fined. In both cases, the fine will be the total cost to replace the lost or damaged materials based on how much the item initially cost.
If a student has an unpaid fine, it will prevent them from checking out further library materials until that fine is resolved.

Fine Payment

Technology & Textbook Fines may be resolved by:
      1. submitting payment in cash
      2. submitting a check made out to Evergreen USD
          (Online Payment Option is not available)
Library Book Fines may be resolved by:
      1. submitting payment in cash
      2. submitting a check made out to Evergreen USD
      3. online through the Online School Payments portal
If paying by cash or check, please enclose the payment in an envelope with your student's first and last name and “Library” clearly written on it.  This envelope can be brought directly to the library, to your students’ teacher, or to the office staff. 
Databases and Research

Databases and Research

Thanks to California’s K-12 Online Content Project, California offers — at no cost to local schools, districts or students — access to online educational content from Encyclopædia Britannica, ProQuest, and Gale for use by every public K-12 school and student in the state.
These content resources, sometimes referred to as “library databases,” provide teachers, school librarians and students with a massive amount of digital information: magazines, books, scientific research, newspaper articles, photos, videos and more — all aligned with the standards that California has created for its schools.
By laptop, tablet or phone — at school, at the library or at home — students are able to research, analyze and use information and media in a way that is self-directed and student-focused, developing both digital literacy and critical thinking skills.


Epic is the leading digital reading platform—built on a collection of 40,000+ popular, high-quality books from 250+ of the world’s best publishers—that safely fuels curiosity and reading confidence for kids 12 and under. Students can log in to Epic through their teacher’s Clever portal
Evergreen Union School District is glad to provide access to Sora for all of our students through a partnership with the Tehama County Library. Students can log in and use Sora with their school provided email address to access ebooks and audiobooks